Alga-PrAS (Algal Protein Annotation Suite) is a database of physicochemical and structural properties and post-translational modifications in algal proteomes.
Last Modified : Mar. 6, 2018 Added CDD data to Alga-PrAS database.
Sources : Photographed by Yutaka Yamada,etc.
Property Search by multiple protein properties and filtering condition setting.
Keyword Search by using any keywords corresponding to the protein descriptions from Pfam, PDB, KOG and UniProtKB.
ID Search by general IDs supported the public databases.
Sequence Search based on similarity (BLAST) and conservation (PASS) search among algae proteome.


Recently, algae are one of the most focused species in environmental, food study, etc., since there are potential abilities as high production rate of biomass, reduction of carbon dioxide, creation of food and nutritional supplement, etc. In addition, vast quantities of genome sequence data in algae have been produced with whole genome-sequences analysis in recent times. However, general information of algae proteomes are still very poor. Therefore, we developed analytical proteome database site to understand tendency of general algae proteomes. This database allows easily comparative analysis of proteomes each species, biological class, habitat environment, and functional class, etc. We expect Alga-PrAS leads to further developments in algae study.

Searchable Items

Alga-PrAS includes physicochemical parameters (length, charged, nonpolar, acidic, basic, GRAVY and pI), secondary structural properties (secondary structure β sheet, intrinsically disordered regions, signal peptide cleavage sites, transmembrane helices, S-S bond and domain linker, internal repeat, PEST region), functional annotation (Pfam, UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot, UniProtKB/TrEMBL, PDB and KOG), PTMs (phosphorylation site, ubiquitination site, N-glycosylation site, O-glycosylation and GPI-anchor attachment site) and others (subcellular localization, protein solubility).

Related Papers

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